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Dating Coach

dating coaching, dating coach, find loveAre you a divorced or single woman and can’t find love? Ronnie has worked with 1,000s of midlife women to jump start or accelerate their dating life and find “The One”.

There are five ways to work with Ronnie so you can find love faster than on your own:

  1. Private one-on-one dating coaching by phone or Skype
  2. Group Coaching in one of my proven live programs via teleconference
  3. Programs via Audios and Books if you prefer to learn on your own
  4. Online Dating Profile Writing and cCaching including writing your online dating profile or reviewing it
  5. Coaching on Demand by Email to get your questions answered fast

Dating Quiz

Or, you can start by taking this fun dating quiz to better understand your Dating IQ

“Hi Ronnie:

My fiancé and I are marrying in 3 weeks. I met him online about 1 year ago. Although I dated others and him for the first month or so, he soon asked me to be exclusive and the rest is history. Thanks for all of the work you do with all of us who want to find lasting love! I am 55, with two special needs son, so I am proof your tips work!

With love, Brenda from California”

You Need A Dating Coach When:

  • You haven’t had a date in a year or more
  • You attract men with similar flaws
  • You can’t remember how to flirt or aren’t sure why you should bother
  • You offer to pay on the first date
  • You don’t get many second dates
  • You complain more about men and dating than you actually date
  • You feel frustrated with dating and don’t understand men

If even one of these statements struck a chord with you, working with me as your dating coach will make all the difference in your ability to find love.

Stop Struggling to Find Love

Why struggle when you can get expert advice from a woman who found love in midlife and married over 40? I’ll share everything I know to help you find love faster than you ever could on your own. Call me now at 203-877-3777 to schedule a get acquainted call and let’s find out how I can help!