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Individual Dating Coaching

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Ronnie Ann Ryan

Looking for a dating coach? Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan helps midlife women feel more confident and desirable, meet more men, understand men better, and date online to find love again. Get the expert dating guidance and support you need to navigate the sometimes emotionally rough waters of being single.


You Need a Dating Coach When:

  • You haven’t had a date in a year or more
  • You attract men with similar flaws
  • You can’t remember how to flirt or aren’t sure why you should bother
  • You offer to pay on the first date
  • You don’t get many second dates
  • You complain more about men and dating than you actually date
  • You feel frustrated with dating and don’t understand men

If even one of these statements struck a chord with you, dating coaching with Ronnie as your will make all the difference in your ability to find love.


Dating is Different than 20 Years Ago

All the “rules” seem to have changed, which can make you feel so frustrated! If you’re newly single or been dating for a while, but nothing is clicking, dating coaching will absolutely improve your results. Ronnie’s smart insights and dating advice will help you get more comfortable with dating, increase attraction, build confidence, and learn how to rely on your feminine charm which is the key to becoming an irresistible woman.

“Through Ronnie’s coaching, I learned how to relax about dating and become my true self around men. This helped me to feel more confident and that is when everything started to work. Ronnie showed me how to use my feminine charm so the men  approached me – that made all the difference in my dating results. I met the man of my dreams – yeah! Thank you!”  –Carol in West Hartford, CT


Cover 3 Crucial Areas with Dating Coach Ronnie

1. Mindset: Examine your attitudes, expectations, and belief systems about love, men, dating and even yourself to discover how you might be getting in your own way. With the right outlook your confidence will grow and your attractiveness will skyrocket!

2. Action Plan: Create a plan of action to meet quality prospects and more men than you ever dreamed possible. Learn how to meet men easily and see opportunities all around you.

3. Mechanics: Know the best ways to interact with men to get asked out more often and more second dates. Find out how to avoid the biggest dating mistakes women make and put you in control of the dating process.


Why Choose Ronnie as Your Dating Coach?

Her coaching is simple and proven effective! Ronnie created and followed these steps to find love and so can you! If you’re committed, you will get results. Choose Ronnie and you’ll have a coach with real life experience who understands what it takes to find love in midlife.

“Ronnie, you are truly heaven sent!  Thank you so much for the helpful information you shared with me.  Until now, I always thought my divine right perfect mate would find me.  However, the object is to be available so I can be found.  Your coaching has definitely been helpful.  Blessings to you!” — Cynthia in Culver City, CA


Dating Coaching Options

1) Private One-on-One Dating Coaching
Turning around your dating life or starting fresh will take some time. Programs range from three or six months depending on the level of support you are seeking. Ronnie will work with you to make this affordable because she knows how important this support is to your success.

Call Ronnie 203-877-3777 or email her to find love now!

2) On-the-Spot Dating Coaching
Got a burning question or have a specific problem that expert advice could help with? Schedule a one-time phone session for 30-60 minutes depending on your needs.

Call Ronnie 203-877-3777 or email her to find love now!


Is Ronnie the Right Dating Coach for You?

Over the last decade, Ronnie has worked with a diverse group of successful women, but her clients do share some of the same qualities. Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is finding love a true priority (or something that would be nice if it happened)?
  • Are you open to trying new things and taking some suggestions?
  • Will you promise yourself to take steps and follow through on these commitments?
  • Are you ready to learn how to enjoy the dating process?
  • Will you appreciate the advice from a dedicated expert who understands dating and men?

If you answered “Yes!” to the above questions, then you will not only enjoy, but certainly benefit immensely from working Ronnie.


You Can Find Love Again!

“You can find the right man for you if you are open, ready and available to meet him. However, if you continue doing exactly what you are doing right now, you will get the exact same disappointing results! Instead, try something new to find the love you want.”

Call Ronnie 203-877-3777 or email her to find love now!


“I never would have met my man without your help so I am indebted to you. One thing you said that proven to be really useful to me, – I had my middle class intellect view finder on and once I expanded my vision, that allowed me to be open to him. And I enjoy him so! Thank you!”  –Patti in VT