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Are you meeting the right people and getting the
online dating activity you need to find love?


Most online dating profiles sound almost exactly the same! Visit any site and read a few. Have you noticed that everybody likes to dine out, go to the movies and take walks? How can you get the attention you deserve if your profile doesn’t sound different than anyone else’s?

It’s hard to know what to say isn’t it? You might make a list of the things you like to describe who you are. But the truth is, those aren’t the most important details to engage potential dates and motivate them to contact you. You need to know EXACTLY what should be covered to get someone to reach out and email you.

Plus, you have to know how to sort through the thousands of profiles, choose the right people, send emails that capture attention and get responses, have a great first phone call and land your first date! That’s where I can help.


There Is a Proven Solution

Work with an expert to get the online dating tips you NEED to SUCCEED! My first career was in marketing and writing. So I combine 20+ years of this in-depth experience with my expert dating knowledge, so you get an online dating profile to stand out, spark a man’s or woman’s interest and express who you are. It won’t  sound professional – it will sound like YOU.

Your online dating profile needs to showcase your personality, captivate the opposite sex, and maximize the number of contacts you get. Included with this service you’ll get:

  • A sizzling profile that portrays who you are you and explains what you seek in a partner
  • A positive presentation that let’s viewers see the real you and gets singles to contact you
  • A user name with pizzazz to stand out and get noticed
  • Multiple headlines to try that show up with your photo (needed for
  • Advice on photo selection to ensure your appeal


“Once Ronnie helped me focus my profile regarding who I was looking for, what a change in the responses! Suddenly the right men who fit my description started responding and popped on the scene.”  Gail in Saybrook, CT


“I’m such a dud when it comes to writing. Choosing Ronnie was a great step because she did a beautiful job and the end product – my online dating profile was amazing! She made the process a lot of fun too. Now I can’t wait to get started.” –Lucy in CT


Online Dating is NOT as Straight Forward and Simple as it Seems

Whether you have never been online before and are ready to start or have been on sites for years and want to shake things up, seeking expert guidance about online dating is an empowering step and an investment in your long-term happiness. That’s why I offer Online Dating Start Up or Reboot packages, as well just the profile writing service.

With a little help, you’ll start to understand how the process works best to improve your results! Your online dating profile will become a magnet, attracting more interest than you ever imagined. The consultation includes a one-hour phone or Skype session and the completed profile will be emailed to you at the end of the call.


“I tried writing my profile on my own and I just couldn’t think of what to say. Working with Ronnie, she was so creative and helped me not only figure out what to say, but say it in a fun and interesting way. I couldn’t have done it without her!” Kathryn in Providence, RI


Package #1:
Online Dating Profile Writing Only

Purchase your profile writing session now, then call Ronnie 203-877-3777 or email to schedule your appointment!
What’s Included:

  1. One-hour phone or Skype session to write your profile with you.
  2. At the end of the session I’ll send the profile via email and you’ll be ready to go!
  3. I’ll also review up to 10 of your photos by email to help you select the best pictures.

Yes, Ronnie, please write my profile for me for $175
I know what a big difference this will make to help me find love I want.



Package #2:
Online Dating Start Up or Reboot Coaching & Profile Writing

If you are serious about finding love online, whether you are just starting or have been on the sites already, this package is will dramatically improve your experience and results! Here’s what’s included:

  1. One-hour phone or Skype session to write your profile with you.
  2. Review your photos to help you select the best pictures.
  3. Three additional 30-minute sessions by phone or Skype to discuss:
    • Tips to write emails that get more responses
    • How to read between the lines of profiles and emails
    • How to respond to emails
    • The first phone call – Do’s and Don’ts
    • Setting expectations for what “normal” results online look like
    • Texting do’s and dont’s
    • Tips on red flags, common pitfalls, and self-sabotage that get in the way of finding love

Yes, Ronnie, please write my profile for me and provide the coaching I need for $425. I know that your profile writing and coaching will help me find the love I want so much faster.