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Why Can’t I Find Love? Group Coaching Program

Have you been longing to find love again, but
getting no where?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many women who have been hurt by love, feel disappointed or angry about past relationships feel this way. Can you relate to any of the situations listed below?

  • The thought of meeting new men turns your stomach
  • You feel relationship ready, but can’t find a decent man
  • You don’t want to waste time meeting the wrong men
  • You spend more time bashing men than dating them
  • The idea of dating leaves you feeling exhausted
  • You can’t face being rejected again
  • You go out to meet men, but no one appeals to you
  • Your inner voice talks you out of doing anything to look for love
  • You’ve given up and think love has passed you by
  • You’re lonely but can’t seem to do anything to change your situation
  • You have no idea how to even get started

These situations are important signals that your heart is probably not open. And when your heart is guarded due to past wounds, fear of rejection, or relationships without closure, you will naturally find it difficult to be open to attracting love.


Let Me Share the Key to Finding Lasting Love
with an Amazing Man

In this heart-centered and life-changing Group Coaching Program, you will:

  • Identify the top 3 symptoms why you could be blocking love or your heart might not be open
  • See yourself from a man’s perspective -something most women never think about!
  • Recognize both old relationship and thought patterns that hold you back
  • Explore what caused your heart to shut down and get to the core, so you can start healing
  • Learn a variety of powerful methods to repair and heal old wounds that keep you single
  • Understand the fundamentals for building self-esteem needed for healthy, lasting love
  • Work with surefire restorative methods to reopen your heart to love and men and turn up your attraction power

“Working with Ronnie helped me look at what was holding me back. With her support and suggestions, I found the best way for me to open my heart to love AND men. When I went back out there to meet men, it seemed like everything was different and a lot more fun too.” –Jennie in CT

I’ll Show You Exactly How to Get to the
Heart of the Matter, So You Can
Open to and Attract the Love You Dream of

This is the proven process I used to open my heart after being devastated by my college boyfriend that lead me to avoid dating for nearly 18 years! I will help you eliminate your roadblocks so you can align with love, the most powerful force in the Universe. Once you reopen your heart, love will flow naturally, your attraction-power will rise dramatically and your ability to connect with amazing men will turn your love life around.

How Do I Know this Program is Right for Me?

  • You’ve been struggling with disappointing dating results for more than 18 months
  • You’ve been thinking about dating for years, but can’t remember the last time you met a decent man
  • You complain about men for fun when you get together with girlfriends
  • You’ve been lonely for a long time and feel hopeless about ever finding love
  • You feel very sad and sometimes isolate yourself at holiday time or on weekends
  • You feel like you’ll explode if one more person asks why you’re still single
  • You don’t appreciate men for who they are or what they have to offer
  • You don’t go to social events because you don’t want to feel like a 3rd or 5th wheel
  • You despise three-day weekends since you have no one to share them with

And most importantly, you feel ready to take that empowering step to:

  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors you might not even be aware of
  • Heal your past and move on
  • Take proactive steps to heat up your love life


“Ronnie has this laser-like way of helping me to identify the issues that blocked my success with men. I just didn’t like most men and spent a lot of time switching between criticizing them (their actions, way of dressing, lack of commitment, etc.) and deeply wanting to find one. Now that I’m aligned with love, the quality of the men I meet is so much better. Thank you!” –Gloria in GA


This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are not open to self- assessment or personal development
  • You don’t want suggestions on new ways to understand and learn from situations
  • You are not ready to apply techniques that will move you forward
  • You don’t feel serious about having the love life you deserve
  • You prefer to stay stuck because its easier and you are used to it


What Will Be Covered in this Heart-Centered, Love Life Changing Program?

#1. Investigate Blocks and Why Your Heart Is Guarded
The first session will explore the reason why you are blocking love and why your heart is guarded for protection. Through discussion and a variety of exercises, you’ll gain tools and the opportunity to identify beliefs, trigger events and more. Recognizing what happened is the first step and most powerful step to healing and moving beyond these limiting factors.

#2. Release, Let Go, and Forgive
Once you figure out the triggers or beliefs that have been holding you back, learn how to start resolving them. This session features an eclectic variety of methods to let go and forgive others and yourself as well. In addition, the material covers the critical mind and how you can dissolve limiting beliefs. You can work with all of the techniques or select the few that work best for you.

#3. Fix that Broken Picker
Do you have a habit of attracting the same kind of men? They have qualities that you just adore, but other characteristics that cause the relationship to ultimately fail. Learn how you can you recognize the red flags to avoid picking the wrong man again. You’ll be able to break this destructive and unproductive cycle and open your mind and heart to new types of men who will be a better, more compatible match.

#4.  Create a Focus Shift – See What Is Good
Set the foundation for attracting quality men by focusing on what is good in your life right now. Feeling grateful for what is good allows you to naturally open your heart and feel much lighter. This also helps you notice more opportunities to connect with men. By suing a couple of simple practices, you will start to see the glass  “half full” and feel optimistic about your love life and options,

#5. Embody Love  – Full Love Immersion
To be a loving woman, you must first embody love. This session explores ways to immerse yourself fully in a loving lifestyle. Discover how you can feel connected to love through out your day. Learn how to share love with others in a non-threatening, energetic way that amplifies your desirability. You’ll hear how to keep your heart open as you move forward on the journey to find the love you want and deserve.

 #6. Unleash Your Inner Goddess to Heighten Desirability
Get ready to attract more men than you ever dreamed possible. That’s what unleashing your inner Goddess is all about. Every woman has her own special allure. When you can easily connect with and rely upon your feminine charm, your magnetic appeal sky rockets. Learn how to leverage your innate femininity to balance with a man’s masculine nature. You can relate to men from an extremely desirable place and be true to the remarkable woman you already are.

When Does the Program Start?

6 Monday nights from 7-8pm starting in February – 2/25,  3/10, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22, and 5/13
Can’t make a date? Don’t worry -session will all be recorded so you can listen any time.


Here’s A Recap of Everything Included in this Break-Through
Group Coaching Program:

  1. Six content-rich group coaching calls
  2. Recordings of all sessions to listen to any time that’s convenient
  3. Heart Opening Visualization – a vibrant audio program to listen to as often as you like with deep reaching impact
  4. The book Why Can’t I Find Love: How to Transform Toxic Thoughts that Keep You from Love
  5. I Believe in Love: Affirmations to Attract Love Now – This audio will instill your subconscious mind with a deep belief that love is possible for you and offers three different length programs to listen to
  6. Love Energizer: This innovative audio provides a simple, yet highly effective visualization to create that sparkling, feminine energy which is magnetic and  irresistible to men.


Plus, Receive 3 BONUSES that Support Your Healing and
Amplify Your Heart Opening and Desirability:

1) Confidence is Sexy – Audio Program
This one hour program helps you build your self-esteem and confidence with several easy suggestions that anyone can do. Both genders name confidence as a top quality they seek in  a partner. Build your confidence quickly and make sure its where it needs to be to attract the right man for you.

2) How to Have a Great First Date
This audio program covers everything you need to have a great first date with any man no matter what. You’ll learn about the dating mindset that sets you free and helps you relax. When you relax, you can be your true, delightful self that men can’t resist. Plus, discover simple visualizations that will help you shine, keep an even keel, and get past any situations that might throw you off your game. This is all the pre-date prep you’ll ever need to have a great first date.

3) Three months subscription to the “The Inner Circle
This question and answer conference call will answer all your burning questions about dating and men. Clear up confusion, dash misconceptions, open your eyes and heart to amazing men and gain access to all the wisdom of the East Coast’s top dating coach for savvy, successful women. You’ll get access to three of these outstanding monthly sessions. When compared to three sessions of private coaching, this is worth $300!

This Group Coaching Program Will Unlock Your Heart So You Can
Find the Love You Deserve

You get all of the proven strategies, tips and techniques that are sure to help you turn around your dating karma, open your heart and align you with love. This by far the most caring and thought provoking program I have developed that helps you move forward to your ultimate goal – a lasting, loving relationship with an amazing man

If you were to work on these issues through private coaching alone, plus get all the materials, the price would be over $1,620. However, the way this program has been created to be a more affordable approach, everything here is available to you for just $297.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your love life. The Open Your Heart to Align with Love program is exactly what I used to break free from more than 18 years of dating stagnation to find the right man for you. Start your personal love transformation right now. Open your heart to align with the love you long for. The love you deserve. The love that is your destiny.

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