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The Love Mastermind Program – Spring Session

You’ve taken the classes, read the books, been online, but still can’t find love. Now what?

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Are your starting to worry you’ll never meet the right guy?
I was too, but then I found him!

I woke up alone on my 40th birthday – with no man in sight. Granted, I had a full life, which included a rewarding career, travel, and lots of fun friends, but the last time I had a serious boyfriend was in my 20s. At 40, I’d accomplished many of my life goals and yearned for a man to share the rewards with.

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking. I started to freak. Would I always be alone? (If you’d asked some of my family and friends at the time, their answer would be an emphatic yes!)

Maybe you can relate to my story.

Are you secretly afraid that love just isn’t in the cards for you? You feel like you’ve tried everything. If so, I want you to know you’re not the only one. The world is full of women who worry about the very same thing. After all, meeting men came fairly easily in our 20s.

Most of the quality men you come across are already married or in relationships. To compound matters, women in their 40s shoulder more responsibilities than they did in previous years. Those responsibilities can sideswipe your attempts to find love and distract you from making dating a priority.


Here’s the good news: You absolutely can meet the right man. He’s out there. It’s not too late to meet him, and I can help you do it.

You see, my story has a happy ending. After devising an effective plan and following it step-by-step, I met the perfect man for me, and I married him. Twelve years later, we’re still married – and very happily.


How exactly did I meet my special man and
finally succeed at love?

Like any other goal you hope to achieve, finding love takes time and consistent effort. And the trouble is, it’s so easy for life to get in the way. Are any of these responsibilities throwing you off track?

  • Work
  • Kids
  • Elderly parents
  • Friends
  • Volunteer Commitments
  • Exercise
  • Housework

Responsibilities swallow up your time. How can you find love when you’re so busy? You can do what I did. You give yourself permission to find love. You decide to find it. (And once you make that decision – instead of a making a wish or sighing “some day” – you’ll pleasantly discover that forces start moving to help you find it.) 

Once you make the decision to find love, though, you’ll face the challenge of following through and taking consistent action. You’ll need guidance and motivation to succeed.


Get the support and personalized guidance you need to find the love you long for.

Have you ever heard about the power of a Mastermind Group? Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, popularized the concept decades ago. Since then, Mastermind Groups have made remarkable success stories of legions of former business failures.

Here’s your chance to put the Mastermind formula to work for your own success in something other than business – love and romance!

I personally have participated in Masterminds to achieve business and personal goals, with astonishing results.  My success with this concept inspired me to slip my proven methods for finding the right man into the Mastermind framework – and guide you step-by-step into the love relationship you want and deserve. I was in a mastermind group when I met the man who became my husband and fell deeply in love.


Announcing The  Love Mastermind

find love, meet men, dating coaching date onlineHere’s your chance to partner with me and a group of like-minded women who are serious about finding love and share your dream of connecting with the right man. When you join The Love Mastermind, you’ll:

  • Skyrocket your confidence to get out and meet men
  • Discover where the “good men” are and how to subtly make sure they notice you
  • Learn how to easily let go of Mr. Going Nowhere and free yourself up for the right guy
  • Enjoy the support of allies in the program – other women who are going through exactly what you’re going through – and learn from their setbacks and victories
  • Unleash the power of the Law of Attraction to attract better men
  • Learn how to relax about dating once you understand it’s just a matter of timing and making yourself available until enjoy the kind of deeply satisfying relationship that once eluded you

        All of the savvy guidance and tools will be specific to you and your situation.


Best of all, in my Love Mastermind program, you can finally stop going it alone.

Let’s face it. Dating can be isolating. Rejection hurts. But in the Love Mastermind Program, you’ll have the support of virtual dating buddies who’ll laugh with you, encourage you, remind you why you’re a great catch, and celebrate each step you take toward finding love.

Here’s what women say about my previous group coaching programs:

“I just wanted to thank you immensely for your [group coaching]. One thing I learned from the session is the first step to re-gaining confidence and poise is to know that we’re NOT alone in our fears. That itself is enough to take a bit of the edge off t he “scary” world of dating!” Maggie in Chicago, IL


“I was totally inspired by Ronnie’s coaching. She worked with each of us to uncover our limiting beliefs and find out what’s holding us back. I learned so much just from listening to the other women and could see myself in them as they shared their stories.” Beth in Bridgeport, CT


What do you get when you join the Love Mastermind program?

  • Six monthly 60-75-minute group calls, loaded with man-attracting dating strategies you can put to work immediately, shared in response to your questions
  • Recordings of the calls if you miss a session – or to review whenever you need tips and motivation
  • Six monthly 20-minute private coaching calls to discuss your progress with me, the dating coach who’s guided many a formerly single woman into the arms of the right man
  • Special emails written strictly for Love Mastermind members to keep you inspired, excited, and motivated
  • A copy of my acclaimed e-manual, MANifesting Mr. Right, your personal workbook for attracting and keeping your perfect man


Why does this program last six months?

Six months may seem like a long time, but it’s not when you’re on your personal path toward a happy and lasting love relationship. (If you don’t believe me, think back to what you were doing six months ago. Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it?)

To get into the right relationship, you need to consistently and actively meet quality men. I’ve designed The Love Mastermind to keep you excited and motivated about the process, while dodging the confusion and frustration that all too often accompanies dating. 

How many women will be in the Love Mastermind?

It’s critical that you get my individual attention, so I must limit The Love Mastermind to six special women. To succeed at finding love with the right man, each member of The Love Mastermind Group must be ready to move forward, follow through, and support other participants.

Are you up for it? Say yes and…


You will transform your love life from the comfort of your own home

Go ahead. Kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, and dial a special teleconference number I’ll provide after you’re accepted into The Love Mastermind Group.  You’ll enjoy all the benefits and camaraderie without the trouble of driving, parking, and paying for gas. Only your phone carrier’s long-distance charges (if there are any, that is) will apply. Everything you need is included with your registration.


When does The Love Mastermind start?


Our first session is set for Monday, March 10th at 8PM/EST. Other dates are: April 14th, May 12th, June 9th , July 14th , and August 11th.

Can’t make all the sessions? Don’t  worry about it!

I’ll record each session to ensure you don’t miss a single one with tips and strategies you’ll need to capture the heart of the right man.

Reap the benefits of the affordable way to get expert dating coaching to find love – at last

While my private coaching clients pay $1,497 for a similar one-on-one program, The Love Mastermind Program is far more affordable – and a lot more fun.  Former group members tell me nothing has been so effective in guiding them into the right relationship than my coaching coupled with the support of like-minded women going through the process with them.

It is my mission and passion to help women find love, so you’ll probably agree that I’ve priced The Love Mastermind Program attractively (especially when you take into account that it’s the only program like this currently in the United States. I know of no other dating coach who can give you this type of ground-breaking approach).  

Register now, and you’ll get my proven methods and expert support for just $297. That’s a fraction of the cost compared to private coaching with me – the value for this is $1,497! If it’s easier to make payments, you can make three automatic monthly payments of $117.


Here’s what women from my past group coaching programs are saying:


“I just finished Ronnie’s Operation Find Him Now program [group coaching] and it was a great value. I learned so many things about dating successfully over 40. I discovered there really is an abundance of single men out there that I never noticed before. And, I learned how to interact with men using my feminine charm. Ronnie is a gifted coach and mentor. I would recommend her programs to any of my friends who are single.”  Kathy in MI


 “Ronnie’s [group coaching] is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to others…I got much clearer on the qualities I want in a partner and stopped getting in my own way about meeting men. Finally I am dating more often and meeting better men. I enjoyed meeting the women in the class and now have [new] friends!”  Kim in Rye, NY


“It’s nice to know I’m not the only single woman around who feels like this. In the group, we all shared, found new perspectives and had fun! It was eye-opening and very helpful.  Ronnie often points out situations that I never realized before which made all the difference for me.”  Louise in West Haven, CT


Isn’t it time to find the right man and enjoy a loving relationship?

Yes? Then register right now and you’ll enjoy these valuable bonuses:

Valuable Bonuses

When you register for The Love Mastermind, you’ll also receive:

1. How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey
   An inspirational audio program to help you stay optimistic about finding love

2. Love Vibrations – The Top 7 Ways to MANifest Love Now
    A potent audio program with proven manifesting techniques that help you attract the love you want

3. Five Surefire Ways to Eliminate Blocks to Love
    Discover what might be getting in the way of attracting quality men and getting something started

4. Free Access to the Inner Circle and the Dating Vault Library
     The Inner Circle program includes loads of audio programs and interviews with other dating experts so you can continue to learn and fine tune your dating plan to find the right man

These four bonuses are worth $157 and are available at no extra cost when you register now!

So, what are you waiting for?

Yes Ronnie,  I’m ready to find the right man! Sign me up!
One payment of $297.00

Yes Ronnie,  I’m ready to find the right man! Sign me up! 
Three monthly automatic monthly payments of $117.00

(There is a small up charge for the payment plan)